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Master Katsuyoshi Higafs (Chatan Dojo) promotion party was held on December 17th.

The warm atmosphere party was held with approximately 50 participants.
First, Asato vice president made opening speech then Master Takamiyagi introduced
Master Higafs martial arts history.
After that, bouquet was given, Master Higa made speech then President gave celebration speech for him. Tomoyose adviser gave a toast to his success.
There was folk song show given by Machida brothers and Mr. Kiyuna (ti chi ka ya zu), magic show was given by Mr. Skotto Kiser as special entertainment.
During the party, Chatan town mayor and Kitanakagusuku villagefs chief made speech to encourage him.
The party was ended with Okuhama vice presidentfs closing words.

Master Katsuyoshi Higa's speech
Master Shigeru Takamiyagi's speech
Comemorative photo with participants

From 27th/Sept to 2nd / Oct, 2006
Chairman Yonamine sensei , Shihan Takashi Aragaki (Ginowan Dojo)
Shihan Shozen Aragaki (Tokyo fukagawa OKIKUKAI) visited
Argentina for instruction of Karate and exchange friendship

First they taught at Miyagi Dojo (Shihan Kaoru Miyagi)A.M and P.M
Then taught at San Perdo Dojo(30 person participated) , Tonan DojoOn 8th/Oct,
They held seminor at Central Bank facility,
mainly taught basic movement, sanchin, kotekitae,Kata.
On that seminor, 60 person participated including
Gojyu ryu, Uechi ryu from states of Mendosa, Santa Fe and from Brasil, Urguay.

Yakusoku kumite

Dan promotional test[Nov.12,2006]@

Okikukai HQ held Dan test on Nov.12,2006.
For the result, please check "Dan test & Champion ship corner".

Kumite testing
Successfull candidates from foreign country

Report of the 2006 all Okinawa Karate champion ship tournament @

Okikukai HQ held the 2006 all Okinawa Karate Champion ship
on Nov.5th at Okinawa city martial arts hall.
Mr.Futoshi Sueyoshi <Chatan Dojo> won the first prize at Kumite Tournament.

For more photos and results, please check the champion ship infomation corner.

The final match
Kumite tournament winners

Okikukai will hold the 2006 Karate tournament on Nov.5th.

Okinawa Karate Championship Tournament 2006

P NameFOkinawa Karate Championship Tournament 2006

Q DateFNovember 5th (Sundayj@from 9:00AM

R PlaceFOkinawa City Bu-Do Kan

S ChairmanFOkinawa Karate-do Association

T@CooperateFUechi Ryu Karate-do Union

U Match styleF

(1)Individual free style Kumite tournament with out protector
* You must wear following items: groin protector, fist protector and mouthpiece.

(2)Individua Uechi-Ryu/Shohei-Ryu Kata tournament
Kata :category male 2.women 3.aged (tournament)
*Uechi style Kata :7 kata (excluding Sanchin)
*aged category for over 45 years old
*participant can not entry for both adult and aged category
(alternative entry adult or aged)
*participant can not perform same kata from 1st match to final match

V RuleFWe will obey an official Okinawa Karate Do Associationfs rule.

W Onefs QualificationFIn this tournament, there are no classification of weight.
*Participant must be older than 18 years old and above Syodan. High school student cannot participate in this tournament.

X FeeF2,000iinsurance fee includedj

PO Dead LineFBy October 8th (Sunday) 2006

PP Mailing AddressF
Okinawa ken Nakagashira-gun Chatan-Cho Kitamae 1-7-11
Okinawa Karate Do Association
President@Yonamine Kosuke
Tel&FAX +81-98-936-4413

PQ@Application form(You can down load as PDF files)
Please click here for down load. After then, fax it to the following number; +81-98-936-4413 , and send orijinal to our HQ Via Air mail.

Okikukai the 39th Karate tournament for adult member

Okikukai HQ held the 39th Karate tournament on Aug.20th,2006, at
Okinawa prifectual martial arts hole.
Mr.Futoshi Sueyoshi <Chatan Dojo> won the first prize at Kumite Tournament.

Click here for the tournament movies

Movie 1

Movie 2
Opening ceremony

karate DVD introductin party  

We held karate DVD introductin party and about 150 persons participated the
party it was beyond our expectation.
Party carried by Mr Uechi's conduction Mr Yonamine chairman's speech,
DVD production report by Mr Asato, DVD production leader, Mr Miyagi's toast
(9Th dan shorin-ryu)
And DVD was shown on big screen as well as 4 monitors in the party hall
Several person offer to buy the DVD at once.
The party finished with great succuss

Guest from Okikukai Swiss
Okikukai grand masters
President Yonamine
Sensei Takamiyagi,Nakahodo,Inada
Senseis ,Shohei-Ryu & Uechi-Ryu

Announce of DVD sales

Okinawa karatedo association produce DVD for educational purpose
of "Uechi style karate" and begin sales of DVD.
Ones who wish to purchase it , please contact us by below procedure.

1.title; all about Okinawan martial arts karate Uechi style heritage for 21 century

2.contents; history of okinawa, history of Uechi style karate,basic techinics,
warm up training,kata,kata bunkai, yakusoku kumite, enbu of high rank masters

3.time; 180 minutes

4.price; jpy7,000/ DVD(including tax, delivery chg, text) to order; by fax attached

6.deadline; 31st.Aug,2006; 30th.Sep,2006

8.order; please order to okinawa karatedo association head office
fax 098-936-4413

9.URL http//

Dear. Oki Ku Kai members

This is an information for forgien menbers.
When you send any money to Oki Ku Kai, please check International Postal
Money Order at your local Post office.
It much easier and cheeper than any other way. There are several different
IPMO. USPS is populer in North America( US and Canada),Janpan, Taiwan and
Korea. d f is EU's system.
England,Irland,Australia,NewZealand don't have IPMO system. We do beleave
that South America do not have IPMO system neither.
If you have any information about it, please tell us.

Okinawa Karate-Do Kyoukai( Okinawa Karate-Do Association)
Kenshu kaikan(Headquarters Dojo)
1-7-11 Kitamae Chatan-cho Okinawa, Japan

Okikukai HQ's Dan promotional test
[May. 14h,2006]

Comemorative photo
Mr.Matsushima<Chatan Dojo>
Mr.Yoshimori<Urasoe Dojo>
Mr.Machida<Chatan Dojo>

Okikukai HQ's new executive
[The term of office ; Apr.2006-Mar.2008]

Ryuko Tomoyose / 10th Dan
Shintoku Takara / 10th Dan
Tsutomu Nakahodo / 10th Dan
Hiroshi Inada / 10th Dan
Toshio Higa 9th Dan

Kosuke Yonamine / 9th Dan

Vice President
Nobuhide Asato / 9th Dan
Shinmatsu Okuhama / 8th Dan

Chief director
Hirokuni Yamashiro / 7th Dan

Mitsuo Namihira / 3rd Dan

Assistant Officer
Ryoji Matsushima / 6th Dan
Yoshinori Kishimoto / 2nd Dan
Seiken Nashiro / 3rd Dan

Tsutomu Shikiya / 4th Dan

Official of public relations
Sakae Uechi / 5th Dan
Tsutomu Shikiya / 4th Dan
Takashi Arakaki / 6th Dan

Official of public informations
Sakae Uechi / 5th Dan
Yutaka Higa

Katsuji Tamayose / 8th Dan
Sokei Machida / 6th Dan

Website Manager
Mitsuo Namihira / 3rd Dan
Keisuke Fujimoto / 6th Dan

HQ Manager
Sakae Uechi / 5th Dan

Katusji Tamayose / 8th Dan

Greetings from President, Kosuke Yonamine

To all members of OKIKUKAI

This is greeting from Chairman

We thank you very much for your continuous dedication to OKIKUKAI activity

with your cooperation, OKIKUKAI activity are progressing as we plan at first

and we thank you again for your dedication against OKIKUKAI

My duty as 8TH chairman expired march,2006 and I was elected as 9th chairman which assigned till march,2008

I hope to make next progress with many helps , advices, instruction from

First to 3rd chairman sensei Ryuko Tomoyose (april 1990 to march 1995)

4th to 6th chairman sensei Tsutomu Nakahodo (april 1995 to mar 2002)

7th chairman sensei Hiroshi Inada (april 2002 to mar 2004)

and other members

head office of OKIKUKAI plan to prepare for reception from overseas students

and send messages, information through web site

This year 2006, for All Okinawan Karatedo Championship, not only the free style Kumite match

But plan to have kata competition

and we expect much more participant take part of the tournament

aT the same time, we prepare for reception for overseas members who take part at

Uchinanchu worls series

We welcome the information, opinion of overseas members

Please do not hesitate to give us information or opinion

At last, we hope all of the menbers and thier families, karate syudents good health and


Okikukai HQ has elected the new executive on Mar.5th
[The term of office ; Apr.2006-Mar.2008]

President / Kosuke Yonamine
Vice president / Nobuhide Asato, Shinmatsu Okuhama
Chairman of directors / Hirokuni Yamashiro
Chief official / Mitsuo Namihira
Official of public relations / Sakae Uechi

New Year's party of Head quarters in Okinawa

In January 22nd, we had a New Year's party at Okikukai Head Quarters. At the party, We enjoyed various deferent of games such as bingo or who is the fastest drinker kind of games. In this very competitive game, we had beer, moromi-vinegar or even aojiru. People attend this party had several different cultural backgrounds, so they greet new years words on their own language including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Okinawan native language. We enjoyed a lot at this New Year's party, so I hope it will bring good luck for everyone who attends this party.

Mr.Inada & Masters
Mr.Pole<Gushikawa Karate Club>
Winners of Game

Special Dan testing of Head Quarters, on Nov.27th,2005

*Renshi 6th Dan
Mr.Vladimir POPOVIC <Okikukai Serbia Montenegro>

Seisan Kata
With Examiners

Dan testing of Head Quarters, on Nov.13rd,2005

Okikukai HQ held Dan testing on Nov.13rd.

*Hanshi 9th Dan
Mr.Toshio Higa
Mr.Walter E. Mattson

*Kyoshi 8th Dan
Mr.Peter J.Mc'Rae
Mr.Clark J.Jones
Mr.Lawrence Mahar
Mr.Edward DeCosta

Interview by TV crew
8th Dan test;Sensei Peter Mc'Rae
@@@@Sanseiryu;Sensei Walter Mattson @@@@@@@examiners of Dan testing
@@ @Sensei Toshio Higa @@@@Party for Sensei Walter & Higa
Donation from Sensei Walter Mattson
@@@ Comemorative photo

Okikukai will hold the 2005 Karate tournament on Nov.20th.

Okinawa Karate Championship Tournament 2005

P NameFOkinawa Karate Championship Tournament 2005

Q DateFNovember 20th (Sundayj@from PRFOO`

R PlaceFKenritu-Budokan 3F iRensei Dojoj

S ChairmanFOkinawa Karate-do Association

T@CooperateFUechi Ryu Karate-do Union

U Match styleFIndividual free style Kumite with out protector
You must wear following items: groin protector, fist protector and mouthpiece.

V RuleFWe will obey an official Okinawa Karate Do Associationfs rule.

W Onefs QualificationFIn this tournament, there are no classification of weight.
@Participant must be older than 18 years old and above Syodan. High school student cannot participate in this tournament.

X FeeF2,000iinsurance fee includedj

PO Dead LineFBy October 30th (Sunday) 2005

PP Mailing AddressF
Okinawa ken Nakagashira-gun Hokuya-Cho Kitamae 1-7-11
Okinawa Karate Do Association
President@Yonamine Kosuke
Tel&FAX +81-98-936-4413

PQ@Application form
Please require us by e-mail iMail to: Headquarters,Okinawa,Japanj

Okikukai headquarters held special Dan promotional testing on Jul,17th.

4th Dan testing for Mr.Dell Hamby
from Swiss
4th Dan testing for Mr.Aleksandar Dorovic
from Slovenia
Comemorative photo with Okikukai masters

Okikukai headquarters held Dan promotional testing on May.22.nd .

Board meeting before testing
Kumite testing

Comment for participants
Mr.Waktang form Russia

Karate special traning "Tokkun 2005" will be held in M.A U.S.A in this Aug.

Special Kumite traning at Head quarters /every the 3rd Sun  

To study the Kumite ultimate purpose of practicing Karate,
many students come and practice under the conduct of sensei Okuhama,
Yonamine and Yamashiro.
Many young students practice basic to high skill and spend time for practice.

DVDs of 2004 All Okinawa Karate Champion Ship & International seminor
are now on sale!

Okikukai head office offers the DVD including
2004 all okinawan karate-do championship
and international seminor.
Those who wish to buy it, please contact us through our web site.


*Championship: opening ceremony, all bout ,enbu, award ceremony (2 hours)

*International seminor: greeting from board members,
speech of ryuko tomoyose 10 dan,
enbu (1 hour)


Championship us$40 (including dispatch fee)

Seminor us$10 (including dispatch fee) to order

Please contact us through web site with following information

1)Your name

2)Name of dojo or association

3)Address and phone number


Members of okikukai or other karate association,
please order by dojo basis
Those dvds are applied daving gard ,
prohibit to show without notice to our association.
These dvd are not applicable for PALsystem
If you need dvd applicable for PAL system, please inform us when you order.@


Please send check drawned to Okinawa Karatedo Association
to following address

Zip code; 904-2163
Address; 2-11-31 oosato, Okinawa city, Okinawa prefecture, Japan
Attn :Soukei Machida

After we receive your order sheet and check, we will dispatch dvds.

Thank you

Event report of Okikukai Headquarters

New year's party of Okikukai HQ
Sensei Tomoyose Hanshi 10th Dan
Sensei Inada Hanshi 10th Dan
Mr.` g from Germany

Celebration party of sensei Nakahodo, sensei Inada of 10th dan promotion

And sensei Asato of 9th dan promotion was held on july

Supported by Okinawa karatedo kyoukai and uechi-ryu karate-do federation

Sensei Nakahodo Hanshi 10th Dan
Sensei Inada Hanshi 10th Dan
Sensei Asato Hanshi 9th Dan
Commemorative Photo

To celebrate sensei takamiyagi as professor emeritus of Okinawa kokusai university

And sensei asato as member of board of education of Okinawa prefecture

Celebration party was held on sept supported by

Okinawa karatedo association and uechi-ryu karatedo federation

Sensei Takamiyagi
Sensei Asato & Takamiyagi
Mr.Namihira, Chief official of Okikukai
Commemorative Photo

Encourage party for participants of 2004 all Okinawa karatedo championship was held at

Head office of okikukai on 26th/sept

16th participants are specially trained for the tournament

Participant of Okikukai
Okikukai masters

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