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year 2008

HQ's Karate championship & banquet cerebrating Promotion to 9th dan

On 27th/Sept, OKIKUKAI HEAD OFFICE held 42nd Karate do championship
at Okinawa martial arts studium with 51 participants.
Kata Dan rank, defending champion Nakasone wonKumite Dan rank, Takara won at the first time.
After the tournament, We had banquet cerebrating Promotion to 9th dan
of Master Tamaki and Master Okuhama with 55 participant at Sansei restaurant
in Chatan.
Chairman's speech, introduction of both master's discipline history were announced.
Then, speech of Master Okuhama and speech of his sensei were followed
at the party, participants of the tournament and staffs also attended.

Opening ceremony
Kumite tournament
Chairman Asato sensei's speach
Yonamine Masanori sensei & Okuhama sensei
Comemorative photo

HQ's Special Dan testing

On 25th/Aug, there was Dan promotion test for Serbia Okikukai member, Mr Borzanovic Vladimirand Mr Yamazaki Vukelec Hisashi.
Both member promoted to 2nd dan.

Hojyo-undo testing
Comemorative photo with examiners

HQ's Special Dan testing

On Aug.2nd(sunday), OKIKUKAI HQ held Special Dan testing for Mr. Dell Hamby.

Kata testing
Comemorative photo

HQ's Spring Dan testing

On 24th/May (sunday), OKIKUKAI HQ held Spring Dan testing.

Hojyo undo testing
KOtekitae testing
Okuhama Shinmatsu sensei's Kata demonstration
for Hanshi 9th Dan
Comemorative photo

HQ's general meeting

On 26th/April (sunday), OKIKUKAI HQ held general meeting on 2009 at restaurant Mitsuboshi (Chatan).
The meeting kick off by speech of Chairman Asato sensei, Then announced event and financial report of 2008 after that.
Board members discussed about event schedule and budget plan of 2009.
All articles were approved by the board members, then continued recent report of Tokyo branch activity.
After the general meeting, big banquet was followed and banquet was very cheerful and successful with the speech of Honored Chairman Master Tomoyose and report of "World cup" procedure which will be held coming August,2009.
Please refer details of 2009 plan as below corner.

*For the results of 2008 HQ board meetings, please click here, so you can down
load the PDF file. If you want to know the file's pass word, please e-mai to Okikukai
Tokyo branch with your name & Dojo name that you belong.

Chairman, Asato sensei's speech

Discussion time

Recent report of Tokyo branch's activity by Fujimoto sensei
Tomoyose sensei's speech
Comemorative photo

HQ' new year party

Okikukai HQ held the new year party on Jan,25th.

President Asato sensei's speech
Inada sensei's speech
Women participants
Vice president Tamayose sensei's "Sanshin"

To all members of OKIKUKAI

Happy new year.
I am happy that all members of OKIKUKAI have a wonderful and hopeful new years.
On 2008, We established Okinawa traditional karate organization which was unified by 4 okinawa karate organization and begin to work Okinawa as center of Karate.
For our OKIKUKAI, last year was 20th anniversary year after OKIKUKAI established.
We operated ordinary kids tournament, adult tournament, all okinawan tournament,dan promotion test, as well as special 20th anniversary events.
We thank you all the members of your cooperation for all events.
For years of 2009, we solicite your cooperation for all events.
As well, on 2009, They schedule to have Okinawa Traditional Karate, Kobudo world cup, and our Okikukai are willing to cooperate for this world cup operation.

At the end of this new years greeting, we declare to do our effort to expand and take over Traditional Okinawan karate to next generation with the spirit the way of karate is the way of peace.
We hope all of the members continuous success and geed health.


Nobuhide Asato
President of Okinawa Karate-Do association

New year's sun rising

Announce of DVD sales

Okinawa karatedo association produce DVD for educational purpose
of "Uechi style karate" and begin sales of DVD.
Ones who wish to purchase it , please contact us by below procedure.

1.title; all about Okinawan martial arts karate Uechi style heritage for 21 century

2.contents; history of okinawa, history of Uechi style karate,basic techinics,
warm up training,kata,kata bunkai, yakusoku kumite, enbu of high rank masters

3.time; 180 minutes

4.price; jpy7,000/ DVD(including tax, delivery chg, text) to order; by fax attached

6.deadline; 31st.Aug,2006; 30th.Sep,2006

8.order; please order to okinawa karatedo association head office
fax 098-936-4413

9.URL http//

Click here for sample movie <Quick Time Player>

Click here for order form<PDF>

Dear. Oki Ku Kai members

This is an information for forgien menbers.
When you send any money to Oki Ku Kai, please check International Postal
Money Order at your local Post office.
It much easier and cheeper than any other way. There are several different
IPMO. USPS is populer in North America( US and Canada),Janpan, Taiwan and
Korea. ‚d‚•‚’‚ ‚f‚™‚’‚ is EU's system.
England,Irland,Australia,NewZealand don't have IPMO system. We do beleave
that South America do not have IPMO system neither.
If you have any information about it, please tell us.

Okinawa Karate-Do Kyoukai( Okinawa Karate-Do Association)
Kenshu kaikan(Headquarters Dojo)
1-7-11 Kitamae Chatan-cho Okinawa, Japan

Dojo guidance in Okinawa !
<Renewed on Jun.26th>

Dojo's name
Master Instructor
Dojo's adress
Gushikawa Karate club
shinmatsu Okuhama
<8th Dan>
3512 Gushikawa Gushikawa City Okinawa
Koza Dojo
Masanori Yonamine
<6th Dan>
1-4-10 Miyasato Okinawa City Okinawa

Awase Dojo

Keicho Tobaru
<7th Dan>
3-41-21 Awase Okinawa City Okinawa
Chatan Dojo

Shigeru Takamiyagi
<9th Dan>
627-2 Kamiseto Chatan Cho Okinawa
Kitamae Dojo
Asakiyo Kiyuna
<7th Dan>
224 Kitamae Chatan Cho Okinawa
Ginowan Dojo

Katsuji Tamayose
<7th Dan>
1-20-12 Ginowan Ginowan City Okinawa
Urasoe Dojo
Nobuhide Asato
531 Ahacha Urasoe City
Matsushima middle school
Karate club
Takao Sakiyama
<8th Dan>
1-157-21 Shuriishimine Cho Naha City OKinawa
Naha Dojo
Tsutomu Nakahodo
<10th Dan>
3-1-1 Nishi Naha City Okinawa
Kokuba Dojo
Takeo Tamaki
<8th Dan>
585-5 Uema Naha City Okinawa
Sashiki Dojo

Kosuke Yonamine
<9th Dan>
601-2 Nisato Sashiki Cho Okinawa
Itoman Dojo
Nobumasa Omine
<9th Dan>
337 Kiyan Itoman City Okianwa
Yamashiro Dojo
Hirokuni Yamashiro
<7th Dan>
2-13-8 Yamasato Okinawa City Okinawa

Okikukai Head Quarters
Activity Plan,2008-2009

2009-2010 year activity plan

Activity/ Date/ Place

*General meeting / Apr.26 /Mitsuboshi restaurant, Chatan-cho
*Dan promotional test/ May.24 /HQ dojo
*30th children's karate tournament /July 26/kita nakagusuku gym
*2009 Karate & Kobudo world cup & seminor/ Aug.14-16 /Okinawa prefectual
martial arts hall

*42th karatedo tournament /Aug.23 /Okinawa city's martial arts hall
*Karate seminor at foreign branch Dojos/ Sep-Nov <undesided plan>
*Dan promotion test /Nov.15 /HQ dojo
*New year's party /Jan,24,2010 /Mitsuboshi restaurant, Chatan-cho
*Temporary Dan test for overseas mamber/ occasionaly/ HQ dojo
*Committee meeting/ occasionaly/ HQ dojo
*Board meeting / occasionaly/ HQ dojo
*Kata study meeting /occasionaly/ HQ dojo
*Kumite study meeting /occasionaly/ HQ dojo
*Rrefering technical meeting/ occasionaly / HQ dojo
*Web site operation / occasionaly
*Overseas member's training /occasionaly / HQ dojo
*Preparation for 2009 world cup / occasionaly / HQ dojo
*Preparing for new HQ dojo/occasionaly

Application for approved dojo

Application for approved dojo


the firat article
this regulation regulate requirement for officially OKIKUKAI approved dojo based on article 27th of
OKIKUKAI regulation


the second article
OKIKUKAI head office approve as officialy approved dojo for dojo which fills following condition

(1) dojo which fills terms and condition of the 3rd article

(2)dojo which fills the aim on the 4th article
@(3)dojo which fills the terms and condition of the 15th article

@(4)dojo which fills the terms and condition of the 16th article

@(5)dojo which fills the other condition required by head office

2.approve of official dojo needs over 50 % concent of the board meeting

3.In necessary case,Head office gives suggestion and advice for the dojo which can not be approved
because of not fills the terms and condition required from head office


the 3rd article dojo which apply for official approve, must submit application sheet with application fee

iapplication feej

the 4th article application fee is jpy10,000

2.inspite of above article, dojo which is already approved before this regulation

(certificate )

the 5th article okikukai head office issue certificate of official dojo for dojo which is approved by board meeting

2.the dojo which is officially approved take a necessary procedure based on the 24th article

(display of photo)

the 6th article dojo owner's photo is dispalyed on head office dojo and web site


7th article officially approved dojo must observe follows
@(1) observe rules and regulation stipulated by okikukai head office

@(2)dan rank is only approved for the registerd by head office and stamped by chairman
dan rank application must be submitted to head office with fee
and only approved when head office register it
@(3)dojo's must have constant communication with head office and exchange information

@(4)overseas dojo and other prefecture dojo must have amicable relations

(revocation )

the 8th article okikukai head office warn written or oral to any dojo which violate the terms and condition case, the dojo does not show intention to observe the terms and condition
okikukai head office revoke the approval , and dojo owner and students loose all right against head office

this regulation effect on 1st/april,2006

Contact to Okikukai Head Quarters,Okinawa Japan
iMail : Headquarters,Okinawa,Japanj

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