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Fall Promotion Test

On November 18 and 25 the Fall Headqurters Promotion Test was held at Ishikawa training center.
Mr.Goto from Ishikawa dojo and Mr.Higa from Futenma dojo were promoted to 4th degree recpectively.
Also, Mr.Nakazato from Futenma dojo was promoted to 2nd degree and Mr. Taira from Ishikawa dojo
was promoted to 1st degree.

November 18 Kata test (Mr. Taira)

November 18 Kata test (Mr. Goto)

November 18 Group photo after the test

November 25 Supplementary exercises (Hojo jundo)

November 25 Sanchin Test (Mr. Nakazato)

November 25 Sanchin Test (Mr. Higa)

November 25 Judging board members

November 25 Group photo after the test


Tokyo branch Tsurumi dojo members trained at headquarters
From November 22 till 25, Ishikawa training center welcomed 10 members from Yokohama Tsurumi dojo.
Besides training they socialized with the members of Ishikawa dojo and also the association officers for BBQ party etc.
They all spent a wonderful time there.

Practice with Ishikasa dojo members

Dojomaster Wakatsuki performing kata in front of Master Okuhama

Sanchin training by Master Kina (Instructor Shirabe and Wakatsuki)

Group photo after the practice

Party on November 23

BBQ party in front of the Ishikawa trainign center

A kid member disguising himself in a mask


Promotion test / Board meeting / Kata study meeting

On September 29, Okinawa headquarter held a promotion test, board meeting and kata study meeting.
The results of the board meeting have already been sent to all branch chiefs and dojo representatives by manager of public relations.

Special promotion test

Judging committee members

Group photo (Grandmaster Takara in the center)

Board meeting

Denis sensei came to Okinawa.

Mr. Denis Brett of Australia branch and his family visited Okinawa. Mr. Brett and his family stayed at Ishikawa training center for karate training and they enjoyed the party afterward.

Dinner meeting with foreign officers

One June 5th the Okinawa headquarter held a dinner meeting with Mr.
Walter E. Mattson and officers from the America branch and Mr. Arthur
Moulas from the Australia branch.

At the dinner meeting, we reflected upon the spring special seminar,
exchanged opinions on the activity plans in respective country and so
on. We spent a very meaningful time together. See you next year at the
spring seminar! Thank you very much for coming all the way from your


Spring events report

Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association Headquarters held the 2012 Special Seminar and General Meeting on June 2nd and 3rd.
Walter Mattson Sensei, Clark Jones Sensei, Joe Graziano Sensei (all from
the United States), Arthur Moulas Sensei ( from Australia), Sharadze
Vakhtang Sensei (from Russia) and Fujimoto Sensei (from Tokyo) with 9 of
Tokyo Branch members also joined the events. All of participants had the
significant opportunity of workout, study and exchanging information
under the leadership of Grand Master Shintoku Takara Sensei. We will
introduce some progress of the events as follows.
Visit to the birth place of late Kanbun Uechi Sensei (June 2nd, Motobu Okinawa)
Board members, representatives of foreign dojos and Tokyo branch visited
the birth place of the late Kanbun Uechi Sensei on June 2nd before the
seminar. The monument which is recalling Uechi Kanbun Sensei's great
achievement was established by the local volunteers at his birth place.

Special Seminar (June 2nd, Ishikawa City Public Gym)
Starting with opening address by Takara Sensei, 2 hours seminar was held
in Ishikawa City Public Gym. More than 30 people participated in the
seminar and were checked their Kata, given the technical advice by
Hanshi and Kyoshi senseis. What they learned will be expected to make a
feedback to each branch dojo.

Grand Master Takara sensei's demonstration of Sanseiryu

Dan promotion test (June 2nd, Ishikawa City Public Gym)
Regular HQ Dan promotion test was held in Ishikawa City Public Gym after
the seminar. 7 members (4 from Okinawa and 3 from Tokyo) challenged for
Sho Dan and Mr. Vakhtang from Russia took the test for 5 Dan. (Please
check the website for the result)
According to the decision of Board of Directors, Nobumasa Ohmine Sensei
and Walter Mattson Sensei were promoted to Hanshi 10 Dan and Arthur
Moulas Sensei was promoted to Hanshi 9 Dan respectively, and
commemorative Kata were performed by them. Grand Master Shintoku Takara
Sensei conferred the honorable certificates to them as the legitimate
successors of Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do because of their long term devotion to
the pursuit of Karate-Do, strong efforts to train the students and the
great contribution for the development of the Association. All of us
know it must be the reward for their constant dedication to the
Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do and wish for their continued good health, success
and prosperity.

Walter Mattson sensei's special Kata demonstration

Arthur Moulas sensei's special Kata demonstration

Ohomine Nobumasa sensei's special Kata demonstration

Group photo of Hanshi senseis

Social gathering (June 2, Ishikawa Kenshu Center)
Social gathering party was held in Ishikawa Kenshu Center (Ishikawa
Dojo) after the promotion test. About 40 members including Takara
Sensei (Grand Master), Kina Sensei (President), Directors and Officers
of the Association, guests and students celebrated their reunion and
congratulated the promotions.

General Meeting (June 3, Ishikawa Public Hall)
The 3rd General Meeting of the Association was held in Ishikawa Public
Hall. Activity and accounting report of 2011 fiscal year and Uechi-Ryu
Karate-Do situation of the world were reported and the election of new
officers and other subjects were discussed. The detail of the meeting
will be reported to each dojo later on.
Also the memorial plate of appreciation for long time dedication to Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do was given to Mr. Clark Jones by Shintoku Takara Sensei at the meeting.


Board meeting and Kata study

Okinawa Headquarter held the Kata study meeting and Board meeting at Futenma Dojo on May 6th. Technical study of Sanchin and Seisan Bunkai was the main topic and the detail will be presented at the Seminar of June 2nd.
In the Board meeting, potential subjects at the General meeting were selected. Also prior discussion about inauguration of Takara Sensei as Grand Master in Chief and nomination for promotions of high ranking members were carried out.

Board meeting

Kata study

yMay 1stz
Kata research & board meeting

On May 6 at Futenma dojo kata research meeting and the board meeting will be held. At the board meeting, we will discuss the bill drafted by the general meeting and the members to be recommend to take the promotion test. In the kata research meeting Sanchin and Seisan bunkai (Kata analysis of seissan) will be discussed.

yMarch 30thz
Commemorative T-shirt project (available only for association members)

In collaboration with Kanto branch, the Okinawa headquarter has decided to produce a special t-shirt to commemorate the 80 year anniversary of Pangainoon karate and Uechi-ryu karate-do. We will inform each dojo regarding the design and ordering procedures etc. (t-shirts will be delivered in early June of 2012)
*This year is the milestone for Uechi-ryu karate-do. In 1932 "Pangainoon karate research institute" was established in Wakayama and it has been developing as Uechi-ryu karate-do for 80 years.


 A Happy New Year!

Headquarter of The Association held many events in 2011. We had General Meeting with several attendances from Russia, U.S and Tokyo Branch in June, we accepted many trainees from Germany and Australia throughout the year and we went to Australia for the seminar and promotion test in November. Tokyo Branch was also very active with sponsoring the Metropolitan Championship and special seminar and establishing Okinawa Dento Gigei Shinko Kaikan.
Since Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association is resolving to be even more active under the direction of Grand Master Takara Sensei, could all of members worldwide please make a united effort to develop the Association.
Lastly, we wish every member and his family a happiness, health and prosperity in 2012.
January 1st, 2012

Kensho Kina
President (appointed at the last Board Meeting)
Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association


  Ishikawa Dojo held last time traning of year 2011 on Dec/30.
After traning,they had a banquet .

Seisan Kata



  The Headquarter held Fall dan promotion test and Directors meeting on November 20th at Ishikawa Kenshu Center. 2 members were promoted to Sho-dan with showing there abilities to full play in the promotion test. In the Directors meeting, the progress of special seminar and promotion test at Australia Branch was reported and some other subjects such as personnel affairs of the Association were discussed. More detail of the Directors meeting will be reported later on.

Dan testing 1

Dan testing 2

Dan testing 3

Dan testing 4

Dan testing 5

Board meeting


  Australia Branch invited Tamayose Sensei and Kina Sensei from Headquarter ,Mr.Sumida(Communication manager of the association) from Tokyo branch and held a special Karate seminar and Dan promotion test on November 5th. Nearly 40 members from all over the Australia participated in the seminar. Started with Hojo undo led by Tamayose Sensei, then important points of Sanchin, Kata and Bunkai were taught by both Senseis. After the fruitful seminar from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM, 7 members challenged the Dan promotion test. Everybody successfully passed the test with the fruits of their everydayfs efforts. After such a big event, Arthur Sensei, a Director of the Board, invited all of members and families to his house for the social gathering.

Mr. Aidan Hooker 1st Dan
Mr. Chris Van-Stralen 1st Dan
Mr. Terry Milat 1st Dan
Mr. Peter Brett 2nd Dan
Mr. Kevin Burton 6th Dan
Mr. David Calvert 7th Dan
Mr. Raul Fernandez 7th Dan

Sight seeing (Tamayose sensei & Kina sensei)

Junior class seminor


Group photo

Welcome dinner

Dan testing

Dan testing

Dan testing
group photo

Party at Arthur sensei's house


  Nicholas Moulas visiting from Australia Branch for Headquarters seminar took his 4th Dan promotion test in front of Sensei including Grand Master Takara Shihan and successfully passed the test on August 12th. Australian members joined the welcome party in Ishikawa Kenshu Center after the promotion test. Because it was the day of so called "Unkee" which was Okinawan Bon Festival, they unexpectedly saw "Eisaa Parade" (Okinawan dancing parade) in front of Ishikawa Kenshu Center. It was a precious experience for them to feel such a traditional culture of Okinawa. Headquarters plan to send some of Sensei from Okinawa to Australia for further exchange between Australia and Japan on November.

Aug/12th : Sanchin testing by sensei Shinzaburo Okuhama

Kumite testing

Comemorative photo with sensei Shintoku Takara

Welcome dinner

With Okinawan
Eisaa Parade


Sensei Mr. Brett, Mr. Arthur, Mr. Palmer and Mr. Hay from Australia Branch are visiting Okinawa Headquarters. They arrived in Okinawa in spite of the typhoon on August 7th and will stay in Ishikawa Kenshu Center till August 15th. They are scheduling to have classes in Okinawa dojos of the Association and try Dan promotion test.

Aug/9th: Comemorative poto with Aensei Tamayose (Ginowan Dojo)

Dinner with Sensei Tamayose

Aug/8th : Kara traning at Ishikawa traning center

Comemorative photo with Sensei Okuhama,Sensei Kina & students of Ishikawa Dojo

Break time


The Association Headquarter held the Special Seminar, Springtime Dan promotion test, a social party and 2nd General Meeting on June 4th and 5th in Uruma-City, Okinawa. More than 30 instructors and members from U.S, Russia, Tokyo Branch and Okinawa Dojo participated in the Special Seminar and practiced Shitei Kata and Dan Kumite. Also Grand Master Takara Sensei and high ranked Sensei demonstrated the Kata in front of participants. At the Springtime Dan Promotion Test, 8 members from Shodan up to 8th Dan challenged the promotion and all of them successfully passed the test. After the promotion test, everybody got together in Ishikawa Kenshu Center for the Social Party and celebrated the promoted examinees.
The Headquarter and each Branch reported the activity of 2010 - 2011 and action plan of 2011 - 2012 at the General Meeting. Also Mr. Robert VanDer Volgen Jr. (Kyoshi 8 Dan) from U.S was approved to join the Association. Agenda and results of the General Meeting will be reported to the each Dojo master of the Association later on.

Special seminor(Ishikawa GYM/ Sensei Nobumasa Ohomine)

Special seminor(Ishikawa GYM/ Sensei Shinzaburo Okuhama)

Special seminor(Ishikawa GYM/ Sensei Shintoku Takara)

Dan Testing(Ishikawa GYM/ 1st Dan)

Dan Testing(Ishikawa GYM/ 4th & 3rd Dan)

Dan Testing(Ishikawa GYM/ 8th Dan)

Dan Testing(Ishikawa GYM)

Comemorative photo with Grand master Takara Shintoku sensei

Social party at Ishikawa traning center

Social party at Ishikawa traning center

General meeting at Ishikawa hall

Comemorative photo with Grand master Takara Shintoku sensei


Trainee from Germany-2>

On April.24th Mr thomas (jyunshihan) and 3 students from Germany visited
the Karate museum to study Karate/Kobu-Do history.

Karate museum

With Sensei Hokama(Gojyu-Ryu) and Sensei Kina


Trainee from Germany>

From 6th, April, Mr thomas (jyunshihan) and 3 students from Germany
came to Okinawa and began training at Ishikawa training center
delegates stay at Okinawa till 30th,April to study karate and kobudo

Kumite traning(By Sensei Okuhama )

Kata traning(By Sensei Okuhama )

Comemorative photo


To All of members and friends,

It is over one year since Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association was established on January 1st, 2010.
I feel grateful and secure that the Association has been developed not only in Japan but also in foreign countries such as North America, South America, Europe and Australia with all of your efforts.
However I would you again to understand it to be the principle of the Association that all of us have to go back to the starting point of Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do and go toward the accomplishment of harmony of spirit, technique and physical strength by the friendly rivalry among our members.

In order the Association to be the organization that all of Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do enthusiasts can love and be proud of, I would appreciate it if you would provide me with your continuous support and cooperation for the Association.

The Association will have the special seminar and General meeting on coming June 4th and 5th in Uruma City, Okinawa. I am expecting many of you to join us all the way from foreign countries and looking forward to having a great time with you.

March, 2011

Shintoku Takara
Grand Master Instructor
Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association


Trainee from Argentina>

On Feb 22th,Mr.Marcos Tanaka who is a member of Argentina branch came to training center and took part in special class by sensei Shizaburo Okuhama.

Kata traning(Sensei Okuhama / Mr.Marcos)


Board meeting >

On Feb/20th, HQ board meeting approved that Uechi-Ryu Australia (Sensei Arthur Moulas groupe) join to our association.


Board meeting & New year party>

On Jan 23rd HQ held board meeting & new year party at Ishikawa traning center.
HQ will have special seminor & Dan testing on Jun 4th, general meeting on Jun 5th 2011.

Board meeting

Greeting by Takara Shintoku Grand Master

Comemorative photo

Entertainment (Kina Sensei's Okinawan dance with Mr. Yamashiro's Sanshin performance)


New year's message of the board members>

Grand Master Instructor

Shintoku Takara
New Yearfs compliments to all of you including Tokyo branch members and friends in all over the world.
May 2011 be a happy and wonderful year. I would like to thank you for your cooperation and consideration. I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.

Nobumasa Ohomine
I am glad for members and their family have a happy new year, and we plan to make progress for traditional karate with heart of "WA No KOKORO" (harmonized heart) .

Walter Mattson
Best wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year 2011 from teachers and students of Walter Mattson Dojo Group!
2010 was the year we enjoyed the beginning of our new association. We hope 2011 will represent the next step in a long history of strong growth and outstanding achievement.
Vice Chairman

Kensho Kina
Happy new year.
I appreciate Water sensei from The united states and other members from Tokyo participated seminor held by head quarter in 2010.
This year is 2nd anniversary from establish new organization and we have seminor on May at Okinawa and world tournament at Tokyo on Oct.
We opened lodging facility at head office dojo and welcomed members from U.S.A and Germany on 2010.
We plan to expand this facility, please try to visit Okinawa.We pray for success in the year of 2011 for all members.
Vice Chairman

Takeo Tamaki
I am glad all members have a happy new year, I expect all members discipline spirit and body and improve KATA I pray for progress of all members and affiliate dojos.
Chairman of the board
of directors of directors

Katsuji Tamayose
I am glad all members and their family have a happy new year, our new organization become 1 year old and this year will be from HOPPING to LONG JUMP.
Please cooperate and gather ideas to have a successful progress.

Shinzaburo Okuhama
Happy new year.
I am very proud to be assigned as board member of the organization in 2010.
I will do my best to expand Uechiryu karate and contribute to this organization.
I hope all of you have a happy new year.


Kazuya Takara
New Yearfs compliments to all of you including Tokyo branch members and friends in all over the world.
May 2011 be a happy and wonderful year. I would like to thank you for your cooperation and consideration. I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.
The executive secretary
Accounting manager

Tsutom Shikiya
Happy new year.
Season's greeting to all member of Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do association.
We thank all of you for your cooperation to establish new organization in 2010.
We have very successful year of 2010 because of your cooperation.
We thank you again for your helps for new organization.
We intend to succeed traditional uechiryu karate to next generation under instruction of Grand master Takara sensei and other masters.
We hope all of you have a happy new year.

Keisuke Fujimoto
Happy new year.
We solicite your continuous support to this organization. Our organization operate with fair and open mind and all dojos are in equal status and aiming to succeed UECHI RYU KARATE -Do to next generation.

Hiroko Hirao
Happy new year.
In year of 2010, it was very fruitful year to support
head quarter as window for overseas branch and main land Japan and public relation activity of new organization.
We believe our activity encourage many overseas members through expanding activity of our Tokyo branch.
We hope to have this relations and expand more to the world.
We expect to see all of your overseas members in Tokyo at world tournament on Oct,2011

Hitoshi Sumida
I have highly appreciated to all of you for your continued support to the new organization through the year 2010.
Please accept my wish that new year 2011 will be prosperous to all of Uechi-Ryu lovers.

A happy new year from Japan

[Nov,22nd ,2010]

Board meeting & Dan promotional testing>

On Nov/21st HQ held board meeting & Dan promotional testing.
Mr.Shinzaburo Okuhama passed 9th Dan, Mr.William Repoff passed 8th Dan and Mr.Maxwell Repoff passed 2nd Dan.
The board appointed Mr.Shinzaburou Okuhama director.
Details of the board meeting will be informed to all Dojo ownners by e-mail.

Board meeting

Comemorative photo of Dan promotional testing

[Nov,20th ,2010]

Sensei William Repoff and his students visited Futenma Dojo >

On Nov/19th Sensei William Repoff & his students visited Futenma Dojo.

Grand Master Sensei Takara Shintoku

Sensei William Repoff

At Shurei-mon(gate) in Shuri Castle park

[Nov,17th ,2010]

Sensei William Repoff and his students came to Okinawa>

On Nov/14th Sensei William Repoff & his students came to Okinawa after cultual excahange in Tokyo.
They will stay at Ishikawa Dojo until Nov/24th
and try to their Dan promotional testing.

With Sensei Shinzaburo Okuhama

[Nov,6th ,2010]

Dan Testing >

On Nov/6 HQ had Dan testing for Mr.Thomas Podzelny and Mr. markus wedel
at Ishikawa Dojo.They Passed 4th Dan & 2nd Dan. Conglaturations !

*Comemorative photo with
Takara sensei, Ohomine sensei, Okuhama sensei,Tamayose sensei,&
Kina sensei

[Nov,4th ,2010]

Traning at Ishikawa Dojo>

On Nov/4 Mr. Thomas Podzelny and Mr. Markus wedel had traning at Ishikawa
Dojo. They will stay at Ishikawa Dojo until Nov/14,before returning to Germany.

*Comemorative photo with Matsuda sensei(Kenyukai) & Kina sensei

[Nov,3rd ,2010]

Traning at Ginowan Dojo >

Mr. Thomas Podzelny and Mr. markus wedel from Germany came to Okinawa
for their Karate & Kobu-Do traning & Dan testing. On Nov/3 they took part in Ginowan Dojo Karate class.


About our traning center>

Now we are preparing for opening training center in Okinawa which can accept
trainee from Japan mainland and overseas which has lodging accomodation.
We will announce details through web site soon.

[Aug,21st ,2010]

Mr.Sharadze Vakhtang from Russia>

Mr.Sharadze Vakhtang of Russia branch dojo is now on long term training at
Ginowan dojo.


New patch for Gi>

Okinawa Uechiryu Karate-do Association stipulated the design of association embroidery on Karate gi at conference on May.
Please order below photo embroidery when you order karate gi.

[Jun, 12th,,2010]

Minutes of General Meeting at Headquarters on May 23rd, 2010>

Association would like to inform you of the bill and decision at the General Meeting as follows.

1. Application for Official Dojo from Overseas
Association newly accepted the applications and approved Walter Mattson Group Dojo in the United States, Thomas Podzelny's Dojo in Germany and Sharadze Vakhtang's Dojo in Russia as Official Certified Dojo of Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association.

2. Election of Officials and Directors
Association newly elected the following members as Official and Directors of the Board
(1) Kensho Kina (Ishikawa Dojo) as Deputy President of the Association
(2) Walter Mattson (U.S.A) as Senior Adviser of the Association
(3) Keisuke Fujimoto (Shonan Shubukan) as Deputy Chief Director of the Board
(4) Sadayoshi Higa (Futenma Dojo) as Auditor of the Association

3. Re-introduction of original Uechi-Ryu "Dan Kumite & Kyu Kumite"
Dan Kumite and Kyu Kumite shall be officially re-introduced into regular practice in order to recur to the origin of Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do.

4. New design of organization emblem on Gi
New chest emblem design for Gi is established and notice to each branch and dojo. It shall be applied for Gi ordered from now on.

5. Contribution of money to UNICEF foundation
A part of Dan promotion fee paid to the Association shall be donated to UNICEF annually from year of 2010.

6. Dan promotion test at the overseas branch dojo
Independent execution of 8th Dan promotion test at U.S branch dojo applied by U.S branch was accepted based on the special step allowed in the Association Rules.

7. Invitation to Uechi-Ryu World Cup 2012 in Argentina
Discussion will be carried over until the next meeting because it is relatively too early to finalize in detail.

8. Change in Dojo Representative of Yokohama Tsurumi Dojo
Association approved Masaaki Wakatsuki (3rd Dan, Instructor) as a new Dojo Representative.

[May, 25th,,2010]

Okinawa head office report

On 22nd, 23rd/May, Association head office had spring event with foreign branch leaders attend the event.

*22nd / May

At Okinawa city martial arts studium, Grand Master Takara sensei lead special seminor which foreign members and 12 instructors from Tokyo participated.
On the seminor, Hanshi masters instruct Sanchin and Kata.The instruction is refer to details of Uechi-Ryu Karate technichs.
At the end of the seminor, Takara sensei, Omine sensei, and Water sensei
demonstrated kata which was filmed for future instruction to association members.

Dan Test was followed after seminor members applied for test.
(name of the students who passed the test will show at result page)

After the test, we had party at Okinawa crown hotel with dojo members in Okinawa, delegates from Tokyo and foreign country.
Party began from salution from Tamayose sensei & Ohomine sensei.
Association dedicated gift to Takara sensei for his 60 years of dicipline and Omine sensei and Water sensei for their 50 years of dicipline and announced e-mails from ovweseas members for Takara sensei.


The 1st general meeting was held at Okinawa crown hotel.All participants wear the polo shirts made for this event and discussed about many topics.
At the meeting, Kina sensei(Ishikawa dojo) assigned representitive chairman
minutes of the meeting will be annnounced on web site.

New members;
U.S.A. Walter Mattson sensei & his group(5 Dojos)
New assigned board members;
Representitive Chairman / Mr.Kensho Kina
Adviser / Mr.Water Mattson
Vice Charman / Mr.Keisuke Fujimoto
Account / Mr.Sadayoshi Higa

Okinwa Uechiryu association started 1st step from this meeting.We obey instruction from Takara sensei and cooperate with Uechi-Ryu Karate students from Japan and overseas and try to expand this karate style.
We solicite your continuous support toward us


Seminor <Sanchin Tanren by Takara sensei>


Dan Testing


Comemorative photo


Walter Mattson sensei's speech


Gift for Takara sensei


Monument for Takara sensei


Comemorative photo


1st General meeting of new association


Kobu-Do seminor at Ishikawa Dojo

[Apr, 17th,,2010]

Donation to UNICEF
Okinawa Uechiryu Karate-Do Association Tokyo Branch decided to donate part of Kyu test application fee to UNICEF from 2010 based on idea of Children are property of the world.
Our head office also think of donation to such organization.
We solicite your support for this action.

[Mar, 7th,,2010]

We held head office board meeting on 6th / March,2010 under obserbation of top grand master Takara sensei and discussed about our schedule of seminer on May and judgement for application of approved dojo from overseas.
We will announce about official approval of dojo once, it is approved and show result on web site.


We OKINAWA URCHI RYU KARATE-DO ASSOCIATION plan to have general meeting for domestic and foregin dojo leaders and members (BLACK BELT CLASS).We welcome your attendance for this meeting.

*Date 22nd / May - 23rd / May, 2010
*Place Now fixing the place in Okinawa city
1. Karate seminor (instructor Shintoku Takara Shihan)
2.Annual spring Dan promotion test
3.General Meeting
4.Reception party
5.Kobudo seminor

Please inquire through HP

Establishment of New Organization

We have made a final decision to establish a new organization with keeping Okinawa Karate-Do Association as the parent body, in order to contribute for further development of Uechi-ryu Karate-Do.

We would like to provide you with the following basic policy of the new organization and sincerely to expect your participation.

1. Name of the new organization shall be gOkinawa Uechi-ryu Karate-Do Associationh (abbreviated to gUechi-ryu Okikukaih
2. Goal of the organizational activities is the development of all the affiliated dojo and members by studying together, cooperating and harmonizing each other.
3. The new organization must be operated fairly, openly and democratically.

l The present emblem of Okikukai is planned to be used for the new association in succession.
l The new association will be officially organized on January 1st, 2010.
l The new association will send a detailed material to any Dojo owner and master instructor who hope to join the new association.


Shintoku Takara / Hanshi 10th Dan

Nobumasa Ohomine / Hanshi 9th Dan

Katsuji Tamayose / Kyoshi 8th Dan

A Happy new year, 2010 !

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