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OUKA Headquarter had the Board meeting on November 29, 2015. Please see the summary of meeting minutes below.

1. 2016 Seminar, Grading and General meeting will be held in Okinawa on June 4 (Sat) and June 5(Sun), 2016. Detail will be announced later.
2. Dan Kumite DVD recorded by headquarter as OUKA technical standard will be issued to each branch managers shortly.
3. Mr. Christper A Cohee (5th Dan) was approved as an official member of OUKA and his dojo was also certified with recommendation of Sensei Joyner.


The number of access to OUKA official website run up to 400,000 in total on November 28, 2015. We have been managing the website for 12 years since we first opened the website on January, 2004. We would appreciate it if you would keep accessing to the website and contributing articles to us in order to enrich the contents.


Okinawa Prefectural Government will dispatch Okinawan Traditional Karate masters delegation team (Shorin-Ryu, Isshin-Ryu, Goju-Ryu and Uechi-Ryu) to New York for a special seminar on November.
Sensei Kazuya Takara is a member of delegation team to take care of Uechi-Ryu seminar. Please check the website for more detail.


Grand Master Shintoku Takara was introduced on Okinawafs major newspaper gOkinawa Timesh on September 25, 2015h.

The Okinawa Times / Sep.25,2015

Grand Master Shintoku Takara (85 years old, Hanshi 10 Dan) has dedicated himself for traditional succession of Uechi Ryu Karate Do for more than 60 years. He always has gentle eyes, but once putting Gi on, his eyes turns sharp. His strong emotion given out from his eyes and his sharp movement completely whelmed us. Mr. Takara showed us a Kata with full of spirit although he told us he was now practicing Karate just for his health mentenance.

He knocked the door of Master Kanei Uechifs Dojo when he was 20 years old. He was making a living by working in U.S Military Base at that time and also putting himself in hard training of Karate every single day. He says gImmediately after WW II, only my enjoyment was getting together with Karate friends every day. Then when I was realized it, more than 60 years passed alreadyh with gentle smile.
He has taught Karate in Koza and Futenma, and also made effort to generalize Karate Do even in many countries. He has brought up hundreds of students all over the world. Today, he is practicing Karate in his sonfs Dojo once in a week and training basics and Kata by repetition in his house. He says, gSpeaking of which, I havenft had so much serious problem on my body such as back, legs, etc. it may be because I have kept practicing Karate.h
A great grandson gKokih was born just 3 months ago. He was secretly expecting to work out with Koki in the near future.


OUKA Okinawa Headquarters celebrated 5th Anniversary of establishing new organization and held special seminar, Dan grading test and celebration party on Saturday of May 30 and general meeting on Sunday of May 31.
Mr. David Hayward was appointed to a new member of the Board of Directors. (Summary of the meeting will be announced)

Seminar instructors -- OUKA Executives

Hojyo Undo
More than 50 members from Okinawa, Tokyo, U.S, Australia, Germany, Russia and India participated in the seminar.

Arthur & Angela Moulas from Australia enjoyed the seminar

Sanchin training instructed by Sensei Tamayose (President)

Sanchin training instructed by Sensei Omine (Hanshi 10 Dan, Senior Advisor)

Grand Master Shintoku Takara is coaching executives

Sensei Walter Mattson (Hanshi 10 Dan, Senior Advisor) is coaching Kata

Mr. S. Bala and Mr. CV. Nishok from India

Hanshifs friendly talk in their spare moments

7 members took Dan grading test

Dan Kumite at the test

Certificates of passing the test were issued to examinees

Group photo at Dan grading test

Anniversary party -- start up with Okinawan Kobudo Eisa Dance

Okinawan musical band

Gorgeous food -- eat and drink

Australian members

More than 100 people enjoyed at the party

Seisan Kata demonstration by Futenma Dojo youth students

Seisan Kata demonstration by Futenma Dojo youth students

Sensei Moulas introduced Indian members whose 10 years dream finaly come true -- training in Okinawa

Group photo at the party

General Meeting at Ginowan Athletic Center Conference room

Letter of Appreciation was given to Mr. Sumida of Communication Manager

Group photo at General meeting -- Executives, Directors, Officers and Representatives

<Sad news >

It is with deep regret and sadness that we must inform you of the death of our honorable teacher, Sensei Shinzaburo Okuhama (Hanshi 9 Dan). He had fought cancer for several months with strong spirit.@But finally he closed his days on Sunday, May 17th with age of 68.
May he rest in peace.

<HQ Board meeting & new year party>

On Jan/10, OUKA HQ held the board meeting & new year party. For details of
the meeting, Mr.Sumida/communication manager will announce to all branch members by e-mail.

*** Dear International members,
As we announced, we will have two anniversary events consecutively, 5th anniversary of OUKA in Okinawa (May 30th ,31st), and 25th anniversary of Tokyo Branch (June 6th ,7th) this year. We would like you to join both two event instead of one if possible. It will be the best for you to travel between your country and Okinawa via airports in Tokyo, either Haneda Airport or Narita Airport.
We have inexpensive accommodations in Ishikawa Dojo, Okinawa (2000yen / night) and in Tokyo Branch Dojo in Tokyo area (1000 yen / night) available but limited. Could you please make reservations in advance.

OUKA 5 years anniversary event plan
<Culture Resort Festone>
3-28-1 Mashiki Ginowan City
<At Culture Resort Festone>

*13:00 - 16:00
Special seminor for adult member & Dan testing

*16:00 - 17:00
Special seminor for kids member

*18:00 - 20:00
5 years anniversary party

  <At Futenma Dojo>


General meeting


Tokyo branch 20 years anniversary event plan
(Move to Tokyo/Kanagawa from Okinawa)
*Staying at hotel or Tokyo branch's HQ dojo in Fujisawa City
<At Chigasaki Dojo / Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prf.>
*9:30 - 11:30
Special seminor for Dan grade member
<At Fujisawa Dojo / Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prf.>
*13:30 - 15: 30
Special seminor for Kyu grade member
*15:30 - 17:30
Dan testing
<At Fujisawa Citizen's hall / Fujisawa City>
*18:30 - 20:30
20 years anniversary party

*Staying at hotel or Tokyo branch's HQ dojo in Fujisawa City

 *9:00 - 18:00
Sight seeing tour( Hakone area / Kanagawa Prf. )

*Staying at hotel or Tokyo branch's HQ dojo in Fujisawa City

Board meeting (Ishikawa Dojo)

New year party(Ishikawa Dojo)


<New year message>

Grand Master Instructor / Senior consultant
Shintoku Takara<10th Dan>
I wish you all a Happy New Year.
I deeply appreciate that many members from Tokyo and overseas participated in the seminar and general meeting in Okinawa last year. Also it was great that many people got together to celebrate 40th anniversary of Uechi Ryu Australia and 20th anniversary of Germany. I believe all those will lead to the further growth of our association. I hope many of the members from all over the world will come to join the anniversary events of the association in Okinawa the birthplace of Karate Do this year.
Wishing you the best luck and continued good health.
January, 2015
Grand Master Instructor / Senior consultant
Nobumasa Ohomine <10th Dan>
May 2015 be a happy and great year for you, also I would like all of you to be healthy and enjoy practicing Karate throughout the year.
January, 2015
Grand Master Instructor / Senior consultant
Walter Mattson <10th Dan>
We wish OUKA members worldwide a Happy New Year 2015 and a joyful and peaceful holiday season!
January, 2015
President / Katsuji Tamayose <9th Dan>
A Happy New Year. 2015 is the year of 5th anniversary for our association. Letfs gather strength and make the year of great progress. On your Karate training, I have a suggestion as one of your objectives in this year, which you may select one Kata out of Uechi Ryu 8 Katas or Katas you have learnt and concentrate practicing that Kata until you can feel you fall behind no one in performing that Kata.
Lastly I kindly ask for your continued cooperation for organizational peration.

Chairman of the board of directors
Kensho KIna <8th Dan>
Let me express the greetings of the season.
There were many activities in entire association in 2014 such as general meeting, board meetings, seminars, workshops for school students in Okinawa, 40th anniversary events in Australia and 20th anniversary events in Germany. The association will be celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. I am expecting many members to participate in anniversary events in Okinawa.
I hope all of you will have a great year.
New Yearfs Day, 2015
Vice President / Kazuya Takara <7th Dan>
Let me express the greetings of the season.
I wish all of Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association members a year filled with peace, good health and happiness.

New Yearfs Day, 2015
Vice President / Keisuke Fujimoto <7th Dan>
Let me express the greetings of the season. I believe you are enjoying good start of new year. We are reaching a very special year such as the fifth anniversary of the Association and twentieth anniversary of Tokyo Branch. I would like to ask members from all over the world for cooperation and participation on many events will be held in this year as well as for daily disciplining training in your dojo. (The details of the events will be put on the website as they will come in) Hope the New Year will be happy and wonderful for all of you.
Director / Shinzaburo Okuhama <9th Dan>
I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.
Please accept my deepest apology for causing concern to you all because of my illness last year.
This year, I would like to do my best for making big events such as 5th anniversary of the Association in Okinawa and 20th anniversary of Tokyo Branch success. Also I would like to exert myself for further development of the Association and Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do in the world.
All the best wishes for your future life.
The New Yearfs Day, 2015
Director / Arthur Moulas <9th Dan>
I wish you and your family our very best wishes for the New Year.
The New Yearfs Day, 2015
Secretary General / Shikiya Tsutom <5th Dan>
Let me express the greetings of the seasons.
We are scheduling the 5th anniversary events of the association and expecting participation from you.

The New Yearfs Day, 2015
Director / Hiroko Hirao <5th Dan>

I wish you a Happy New Year.
This year is the 5th anniversary and important year for our association.
I must remember the spirit that I started with and would like to work on many things positively for further development of the association. Also I would like to engage in work from ladiesf and childrenfs points of view.
I would like to ask furthermore of your cooperation.

New Yearfs Day, 2015

Communication Manager / Hitoshi Sumida <4th Dan>

I wish you a Happy New Year.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for guidance, encouragement and support you gave to me last year. And I will greatly appreciate your continued support and further cooperation.
I wish everyone the best of luck and continued good health.January, 2015


<School students more than 10 schools have visited our Ishikawa Kenshu Center for experience trial study as part of school trip to Okianwa.>

Ishikawa Kenshu Center started accepting high school students from all over Japan to experience Okinawa Karate Do as part of their school trip to Okinawa. High school students from11 schools have visited Ishikawa Kenshu Center by December. According to the results of questionnaire after the experiential study, many of students were pleased to have the opportunity of trying Karate, which they were not familiar with, in the birthplace of Karate Do.
We will continue positively this program and hope many students will be interested in and cultivate a better understanding of Okinawa traditional arts.

Hojyo Undo


Kick traning


Group photo


<Report about trainee from The United States>

8th /Nov saturday, 2 gentlemen from the united states.
Mr Allen Bennett 8th dan from the states of Cololado and Mr Don joyner 8th dan from the states of Florida visited Ishikawa Dojo and got instruction from Master. Mr Don joyner intend to join our association.

(Nov/8) Hojyo Undo



Group photo with Okuhama sensei & Kina sensei


<Event Report- Uechi Ryu Australia 40th Anniversary >

President Tamayose, Director Uechi (Headquarter), Tokyo Branch President Fujimoto and 7 Tokyo members attended Uechi Ryu Australia 40th Anniversary Events from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2, 2014.

(Oct/30) Welcome dinner in the restaurant at beautiful Wollongong Harbor.

(Oct/31) Trekking tour in Arthur Senseifs farm ? more than 1000 acre!

(Oct/31)Special class ? 60 more participants.

(Oct/31)Sanchin Kitae by Tamayose Sensei.

(Oct/31)Matayoshi Kobudo class lead by Ishiki Sensei
(Ryukyu Kobudo Shurei no Kuni).

(Oct/31)Social gathering dinner after class

(Nov/1) Anniversary special seminar /
80 participants for Karate and 40 for Kobudo.

(Nov/1)Kyu class seminar

(Nov/1)Yakusoku kumite and Dan kumite practice.

(Nov/1) Group photo / all Karate members

(Nov/1) BBQ party in Arthur Senseifs house after the seminar.

(Nov/1) All over Australia, Okinawa, Tokyo /Happy party.

(Nov/1) Party sponsored by Arthur Moulas Sensei, Hanshi 9th Dan.

(Nov/2) Honbu Dojo (Tahmoor) for Karate, Yoga and all kinds of fitness.

(Nov/2) Promotion test started with tough basic training.

(Nov/2) Promotion test in front of many audiences.

(Nov/2) Blessing after examination result announcement.

(Nov/2) 40th Anniversary Ceremony and Reception.

(Nov/2) Nearly 300 people joined the Anniversary Reception including State governers and many VIPs.

(Nov/2) Dan certificates wre given by President Tamayose at the reception.

(Nov/2) Dinner table ? Mr. Nakasone (President of Shureido, Nakamtsu Sensei (JIteki Juku), Arthur Sensei and Tamayose Sensei.

(Nov/2) President Tamayose presented the Certificate of Appreciation and Okinawan gift to Arthur Sensei for his long term effort and contribution.

(Nov/2) Group photo of Moulas family


NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) will broadcast TV program focusing on Okinawan Karate as scheduled below.
1. TV Program : NHK WORLD (English)
2. Title : g@Tee ? The True Spirit of Okinawan Karateh
3. Time (Japan Time):
November 2, 2014 9:10 AM ? 9:59 AM
15:10 PM -15:59 PM
21:10 PM -21:59 PM
3:10 AM ?-3:59 AM (November 3)

Our organization helped TV crew for filming with demonstrations by Shintoku Takara Sensei and our members. Please check TV program in your country and enjoy watching it.


<Oct High school students begin to experience Karate during excursion (Ishikawa dojo)>

Ishikawa dojo welcomed Girl students from Touougijyuku high schhol from Aomori prefecture.
Kina sensei taught history and skill of Okinawa karate , and Ishii instructor taught Sanchin.
Girls students was pleased to study and experience world famous Okinawa karate not only sightseeing or peace issue of Okinawa.
Ishikawa dojo will accept guest for year around.

Study of Okinawa Karate histry

Sanchin study

Grop photo with Kina sensei & students


<Ishikawa dojo supporting Okinawan heritage education>
Uruma city raised volunteer who can educate Okinawan heritage (Karate,Sanshin, Dancing) and support bed and breakfast for high school student for their excursion.
Ishikawa dojo apply for this offer and approved by Uruma city.
It will be good opportunity to introduce Uechi ryu karate , Okinawa prefecture fixed to receive 58 high schhol (10,000 students) excursion from Oct,2014.
Ishikawa dojo accept 3-4 persons / week for 2 night who can


<Approval of official dojo in Germany >

On 21st / sept, Head office had temporary board meeting to judge about approval of official dojo in Germany which offered from Mr Markus Wedel and his offer is approved by board meeting.This is 2nd German dojo after Mr Thomas Podzelnyfs dojo.

Mr Markus Wedel (3rd Dan)


< 2nd Special Practice >

On 14th / Sept, at Ishikawa dojo , board members had 2nd special practice and rehearsal for TV program and after that, they had send off party for Mr Tamayose / chairman and Mr Takara / chairman of the board who attend to 15th anniversary event of German branch.

Sanchin prctice

Kanshiwa Bunkai prctice

Kata prctice

Tameshiwari prctice

Group photo


Party 2

Party 3


< Special Practice>

OUKA HQ directors and advanced members had a special practice and rehearsal for TV filming on September 6 (Saturday). Movement of Dan Kumite, which will be back to the promotion test subject next year, was checked by HQ directors.

Kata prctice

Dan kumite practice


< International Exchange of Karate Practice>

Mr. Stefano Siri, a Karate-ka (37 years old, Nanbu-Do Sankukai, 2 Dan) from Milano, Italy participated in Uechi-Ryu experience practice in Futanma Dojo on Sunday, August 17th, 2014. Stefano san came to Okinawa to experience various styles of Karate in the origin of Karate, Okinawa. He spent fruitful time by training in Futenma Dojo and Ginowan Dojo.

Sanchin instruction by Grand master Takara sensei

Karate practice at Futenma Dojo


<31st / Aug Journey to Uechi history>

on 30th / Aug, president Tamayose and Mr & Ms Nikura visited old student of Uechi-ryu.
They did interview to Ms H.K. (78 years old) living in Naha, she was born at Iejima and learned Sanchin for 1 year from Kanbun Uechi sensei.
She told memories of those old days and show us photo of Uehci ryu Shubukai members in 1956.
This interview is recorded in movie and plan to show to O.U.K.A members the otherday.
This interview is very important evidence of Master Kanbun Uechi taught Karate to woman student.

President Tamayose & Ms H.K

Ms .H.K


<Cultual Exchange >
3 participants (Goju-ryu and Shito-ryu) to Karate Premier League in Okinawa Japan from Spain visited Ginowan Dojo to have Uechi-Ryu experience and a lecture by President Tamayose on August 27, 2014. They would like to learn the essence of Okinawa Karate-Do and to hand it down to the next genera.


<Headquarters Director meeing report>

Regular directors meeting of Headquarters was held on August 3rd.
(1) TV program focusing on Okinawa Karate Do.
Headquarters appreciate the value of a TV program planned by a TV production company and will actively cooperate them for the TV production.
(2) Dispatching Senseii from Headquarters to Germany Branch
Headquarters will dispatch Present Tamayose and Chief Director Kazuya Takara to Germany for the 15 th Anniversary of the establishment of Germany Branch on October.
(3 ) Dispatching Sensei to Australia
Headquarters will dispatch President Tamayose to Australia for The 40th Anniversary events on November.


<Address by new president>
To members of Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association and all of Uechi -Ryu Karate -Do family in the world.

It has been 4 years since the new organisation was established. I believe the organisation has became firm year by year. It was proved by many efforts of members in such as seminars, grading test, tournament and so on.
What I would like to do as president now is to inclease Uechi -Ryu members all over world. I would like to ask many my friends, whom I have met for my past 45 years, to get together. Especially I am expecting new members to join us from South America and Europe who have been long time friends of mine.

Our organisation is concentlating the concept of Soft &Flexible and Muscular &Hardness. I intend to develop the organisation 3 years by 3 seasons. It means the first 3 years will be a new start to me, next 3 years will be a progressing stage and a final 3 years will be my conclusion season. It may sound abstract, but I will make it concrete. I would appreciate it if you would cooperate with me for my goal.

Before closing my address, I would like to express how I feel sorry about big loss of Jack Summers Sensei in the United States. He was very special and must be remembered as the man of merit for the development of Uechi Ryu Karate Do in the United States. Please accept my deepest sympathy. May his soul rest in peace.

Katsuji Tamayose
President / Hanshi 9th Dan
Okinawa Uechi- Ryu Karate- Do Association


<Reports of OUKA HQ evevts>
Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate -Do Association Headquarters sponsored 2014 Spring event including Advanced seminar, Dan Promotion Test, Welcome Party and Annual General Meeing in Okinawa. Many participants, not only from each dojo in Okinawa but also from branch dojos of Tokyo, Aichi, United States, Australia and Russia, studied each Kata with checked and corrected by Grand Master Shintoku Takara Sensei and high ranked Senseis. 8 members from 2 dan to 5 dan were successfully promoted at Dan grading test, then they recived the certificates wkth big celebration in the party.
OUKA Annual General Meeing was held on June 15th and several subjects such as Proposal of 2014 -2016 Personnel Plan, Applicatin from overseas, 5th Anniversary Events of OUKA Organization.,20th Anniversary Events of Tokyo Branch, 40th Anniversary Events of Australia Branch and 15th Anniversary Events of Germany Branch were discu/after action and according reports of 2013 . Mr. Katsuji Tamayose was erected for the new President of OUKA and OUKA new operation year has just started under him.

Followings are the schedule of Australia Branch 40th anniversary events, OUKA HQ 5th anniversary and Tokyo Branch 20th anniversary events. Please check your schedule book for these events. All of us look forward to getting together in the events above.

1. 40th Anniversary Events of Australia Branch Date : October 31 (Friday) - November 2 (Saturday ), 2014 Events : Karate &Kobudo Seminar, Grading test, Demonstration, Dinner and Sightseeing.

2. OUKA 5th Anniversary Events in Okinawa Date : May 30 (Saturday ) - May 31 (Sunday ), 2015 Events : Karate Seminar, Dan grading test, Demonstration, Party, and Anniversary goods .

3. 20th Anniversary Events of Tokyo Branch Date : June 6 (Saturday ) - June 7 (Sunday ), 2015 Events : Karate seminar, Grading test, Demonstration Sightseeing and Anniversary goods.
Hopefully many international members will be able to participate to both events in Okinawa and Tokyo by arranging the trip to Okinawa with stopping by Tokyo on the way back to the countries.
*Accommodation will be available in Tokyo Branch dojo.

Also Germany Branch will have 20th Anniversary events with following schedule.
Date. : October 3 (Friday ) - October 6 (Monday ), 2014 Please contact us for the detail.


Seminor/Hojyo Undo


Seminor/ Grand master Takara Shintoku


Seminor/ Yakusoku kumite by grand master Takara Shintoku(10th Dan)


Seminor/ Sanchin check by Hanshi Ohomine Nobumasa(10th Dan)


Seminor/ Sanchin check by Hanshi Arthur Moulas(9th Dan)


Seminor/ Seisan check by OUKA president Kina Kensho(8th Dan)


Seminor/ Seisan check by Kyoshi Tamayose Katsuji(8th Dan)


Seminor/ Seisan check by Kyoshi Takara Kazuya(7th Dan)


Dan promotional testing(1)


Dan promotional testing(2)


Dan promotional testing(3)


Dan promotional testing(4)


Group photo


Welcome party(1)


Welcome party(2)
Awarding of 9ht Dan certificate to Sensei Tamayose


Welcome party(3)
Present for sensei Tamayose's 9th Dan


Welcome party(4)
Member from USA (rigth person;sensei Robert VanDer VolgenEJr

Welcome party(5)

Anual general meeting(1)

Group photo


On 9th / March, Okinawa head office held periodical board meeting, Kata study, welcome party for German branch members.
We will announce contents of board meeting through PR section.


Sanchin (1)


Sanchin (2)


Sanchin (3)




Group photo


Board meeting


Welcome party for German branch member


With Takara Shintoku sensei


On May/6, Ishikawa dojo had a cultural exchange with the menber of Garman






Group photo


On 9th,March, Okinawa head office plan to have Kata study and periodical board meeting.
At the board meeting, board members discuss about new assignment for board member and approval of new application of foreign dojo.
Result will be announced to Public relation sec tion through branch manager and dojo owners.


OUKA HQ held the new year party of 2014 at Ishikawa Dojo.




Sanshin Time

A happy new year !
Shintoku Takara / Grand Master
With best wishes for a Happy New Year.
Let us get together and keep making efforts to improve ourselves and Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do.
May wish the year of 2014 a wonderful and prosperous to all of you. @@@@@@
Nobumasa Ohmine /
Senior Advisor
In this new year we are greeting, I wish all of members and families good health and practice. @@@@
Walter Mattson/
Senior Advisor
I wish to extend best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and especially a very
" Happy New Year 2014!" from myself and member dojos of the Walter Mattson USA Dojo Group to Grandmaster Takara and to all OUKA brothers and sisters throughout the world!

Kensho Kina / President
May wish you a Happy New Year.
I would like to thank for your cooperation on the meetings, seminars and promotion tests. We had many visitors and trainees from Tokyo and overseas and we could feel consistent development of the association.
We will be able to achieve a goal not by strong greed for aggressive expansion of the organisation but by pure and natural posture like water current.

Katsuji Tamayose / Chairperson, Board of Directors

I believe all of you are greeting a happy new year.
Our association has been progressing steadily and we are stepping into 4th year since the organisation has been established. Now let&apos;s seek and study more the way of Karate-Do succeeded by the Founder and the Second Generation as members in one of three major Karate Do schools in Okinawa.
Kazuya Takara / Vice Chairperson, Board of Directors
With wishes for a Happy New Year.
I hope this year will be fruitful for all of you.
Shinzaburo Okuhama / Director
I wish you a Happy new year.
I would like to thank Tokyo Branch for inviting me to the Metropolitan Karate Do Tournament last year. I will make a contribution to further development of Uechi Ryu Karate Do in 2014.
May the year of 2014 be filled with peace and good health for all of you.

Arthur Moulas/
To All Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate do members worldwide, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and safe New year.
I hope to see everyone in June 2014 in Okinawa.

Tutomu Shikiya / Executive Secretary

May the best wishes for a Happy New Year.
I would like to continue to do my best for tradition and study of Uechi Ryu Karate Do and further development of the association.
I wish all of Uechi Ryu loving members and families for great health.

Keisuke Fujimoto /
PR Manager, President of Tokyo Branch
May the best wishes for a Happy New Year and I hope the year of 2014 will be precious for all of you.
I am making the best effort to update the official website timely in order to make it an useful tool for generating and sharing information of the association, so please make an active use of the website for your information. Also please come and utilize our Tokyo Branch facility built in 2011.

Hiroko Hirao / Director, Vice-president of Tokyo Branch

With all the best wishes for a Happy New Year.
I believe we successfully made active and fruitful exchange among the headquarters, foreign branches and Tokyo branch last year. I will keep raising more power for activities of the association in this year.
I hope you will be healthy throughout the year.

Hitoshi Sumida / Communication Manager
May all the best wishes for a Happy New Year.
I so much appreciate the help, support and cooperation made not only by OUKA members but also by your family and friends. Since I would like to exert myself for healthy management of the association as best I may, please allow me to ask your continued support and encouragement in 2014.

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