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Last up date:Oct,6,2018

Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association Tokyo Branch was established Feburary ,1995 as organization of approved dojos in Kanto area and ever since, tried to exchange mutural reration ship through traning camp, promotional test and summer camp etc.
Presently , Tokyo Branch try to expand Okinawa Karate-Do & Kobu-Do through international seminor etc at Shonan Fujisawa Dojo, Shonan Chigasaki Dojo, Shonan Kamakura Dojo,Shonan Hiratsuka Dojo, Shonan Fujisawa Kugenuma Dojo,Yokohama Tsurumi Dojo, Yokohama kounan Dojyo, U.S Air Force Yokota A/B Dojo, Tokyo Uptown Karate club, Yokohama Uptown Karate club and Tokyo Bayside Karate Club.

Tokyo Branch's New Information

<Last up date Oct,6,2018>


On October 5, at Shonan HQ Dojo, we held exchange exercises with Mr. Matt Scott, who learn Uechi-Ryu Karate at Michigan State, USA. Matt first came to Japan during monthly trip to Asia with her wife.

Hojo undo

Sanchin kitae

Sokusen kitae

Nukite kitae

Classic Seisan kata

Group photo


Sofia Sabaj (9 years old) from Pennsylvania State, Philadelphia, USA participated for Kugeuna Dojo practice on August 22 (Wednesday) for exchanges. She is now 2kyu,Uechi-Ryu. In the hot weather, it became a fun exchanging practice while becoming sweaty.
We presented her the 2018 edition original T - shirt, & commemoration towel. We hope it will be a good opportunity for children in Dojo to be interested in international cultual exchange.

Hojo Undo

Push up

Kote Kitae

Group photo


The Tokyo branch invited sensei. David Hayward of the Australia branch from August 15th to 18th, and held exchange exercises at 4 dojos. After practicing we had a pleasant time at a lunch or dinner party.

Aug,15 / Kugenuma Dojo

Group photo

Aug,16 / Shonan HQ dojo

Group photo

Aug,16 / Tokyo bayside club

Group photo

Dinner time

Aug,17 / Summer festival in Fujisawa city

Aug,18 / Fujisawa dojo

Group photo


On Aug.10,11 master instructor Hiroko Hirao of the Tokyo branch introduced the master
instructor David Hayward of the Australia branch to the Uechi-Ryu Tsukaguchi Dojo in Hyogo prefecture and the Uechi-Ryu Tomoyori Dojo in Wakayama prefecture and held exchange exercises.

Tsukaguchi Dojo

At Wakayama castle

Tomoyori Dojo



Group photo

Present by sensei Higashie

Dinner party


Tokyo branch dispatched eight players to the 1st Okinawa Karate International Convention. Unfortunately they could not win, but we all learned so many things that we could use as our own growth.


At Naha airport

At Karate Kaikan

At press corner



At Ginowan dojo

At Ishikawa dojo

At Yaedake park



On July 8 (Sunday), Tokyo branch held the 22nd Tokyo Metropolitan Area boys' & girls'
Karate tournament at Fujisawa Muraoka elementary school.

82 participants

Kata tournament

Kumite tournament

Awarding ceremony

Group photo


On Apr.7-8,Tokyo Branch had a cultual exchange with sensei Thomas Podzelny from Germany.

Hiratsuka Dojo / Apr.7

Group photo

Fujisawa Dojo / Apr.7

Group photo

Dinner time with Tokyo branch's masters / Apr.7

Yokohama Tsurumi Dojo / Apr.8

Group photo


Tokyo Branch was invited to the exchange meeting of Karate demonstrations sponsored by Okinawa Prefectural Government & Okinawa Dento Karate-Do Shinkokai with Shirokanedai Karate Do International Federation as the organizer in Tokyo on January 12, 2018. This event was held for the purpose of announcement and promotion for the 1st International Okinawa Karate Tournament to be held in Okinawa in August this year.
Tokyo Branch is working in close cooperation with the headquarter to support this big event .


Session by Okinawa-Rrf

Sanchin / Tokyo branch

Kata-Unsu / Shotokan

Master instructors from Okinawa

Sensei Shinjyo / Uechi-Ryu

Sensei Sakugawa / Shorinji-Ryu

Tokyo branch group photo


On Nov.19th,Tokyo branch held Dan testing at Shonan shubukan HQ dojo.

Sanchin testing

Kotekitae testing

Kumite testing

Group photo


On Nov.18th,Shonan Shubukan held the junior Karate tournament at Chigasaki city.

Walming up time

Kata tournament

Kumite tournament

Demonstration of Mr.Isaac Amponsah


Tokyo Branch is sponsoring Uechi Ryu Karate training sessions for the national team member; Mr.Isaac Amponsah of Ghana Karate Do Association from Ghana Republic from November 1st to November 26th,2017.
It’s the second time since last fall for them to visit Tokyo Branch. Ghana team would like to learn Uechi Ryu for development of Uechi Ryu Karate Do in Ghana and surrounding countries in the near future.

Sanchin / Shonan HQ Dojo

Kotekitae / Kugenuma Dojo

Hojoundo / Chigasakiminami Dojo

Kugenuma Dojo

Dinner time

Kanshiwa bunkai


Tokyo Branch hosted Fall events consisting of Karate & Kobujutsu seminar and 21st Tokyo Metropolitan Karate-Do Championship on October 21st and 22nd.
President Tamayose and Director Kina from Headquarter were invited and joined to the events.
40 competitors not only from metropolitan area of Tokyo but also from Aichi Branch in Aidchi Prefecture and Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Tomoe Kai in Hyogo Prefecture participated and enjoyed the competitions in categories of Kumite, Kata and team Kata.


Seminor(Kata check)

Seminor(Bunkai of Sanseiryu)

Seminor(Dan kumite)

Seminor(Sterrt fight teqnic)


Opning ceremony of the tournament

Kata tournament

Kumite tournament

Group photo

Dinner party after the tournament


Fujisawa Dojo of Shonan Shubukan invited Justin Testa Sensei (Uechi Ryu USA, Kyoshi 7 Dan) from Massachusetts, USA and had a practice together with Tokyo Branch members on September 30th, 2017. Justin Sensei finally made Karate practice in Japan after his often travel to Japan for his business. It will be good for him to come to train with Tokyo members whenever he has time to spare from his business in Tokyo. Tokyo Branch presented him a book of Kanbun Uechi's biography, Original T-shirt and a towel made with celebrating Kanbun Uechi's birth 140th anniversary. Justin Sensei appreciated the present of Uechi Kanbun's biography which had already been sold out.
We also enjoyed Japanese food together after the practice.

Sanchin check

Presentation of the book "Untold story of Kanbun Uechi"


Group photo

Dinner time


Revised edition of the biography "The Untold Story of Kanbun Uechi" (Author Mr. Fujimoto, President of Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate Association Tokyo Branch) will be issued from the book publisher "Yojushorin". The first edition of the books (both Japanese version and English version) have been pleased by many people in the world. In the new edition, more Kanbun Uechi's footprints newly found after publishing the first edition are added. The new edition includes some more messages and memorable episodes directly given by Kanbun Uechi to his students at his later life about his training days in Fuzhou, China. However many unconfirmed stories about Kanbun's life have been swirling around for the past many years, this book may bring a definitive end to the debate about the origin of Uechi-Ryu.

New book


Tokyo Branch sponsored the 21st Metropolitan Karate-Do Championship for Children in Muraoka Elementary School Gym (Fujisawa City) on July 16 (Sunday), 2017. More than 80 children from 8 dojos participated and showed exciting performances on categories of Individual and Team Kata, Individual and Team Kumite. We would like to express our gratitude for cooperation done by committee members, judges & referees and families and friends.

Referees meeting

Kata tournament

Group Kata tournament (8-5 Kyu group)

Demonstration(Tameshi wari)

Seisan Kata (Mr.Michael White from U.S California)

Uechi-Ryu Dan kumite

Kanchin kata (Sensei Hirao Hiroko / 6th Dan)

Sanseiryu kata (Sensei Fujimoto Keisuke / 8th Dan)

Lunch time

Kumite tournament

Kumite tournament

Awarding ceremony

Group photo(80 participant from 8 dojos)

Thank-you party for referees

Thank-you party for referees


From Jul,9-23 ,Tokyo branch will have cultural exchange with Mr.Michael White
(1st Dan) from U.S California.

Jul,9 Yokohama Tsurumi Dojo

Jul,11 Zushi Dojo

Jul,11 Terrasmole Karate school

Jul,12 Jugenuma Dojo

Jul,13 Shonan HQ Dojo

Jul,13 Lunch time

Jul,13 Tokyo bayside Karate club

Jul,13 Welcome dinner

Jul,15 Chigasaki-minami Dojo

Jul,15 Fujisawa Dojo

Jul,15 Fujisawa Dojo


From Jun,5 to Jun,11 ,27,2017 Tokyo branch held cultual exchange with David Hayward sensei from Australia.

Jun,6 Zushi dojo

Jun,7 Kugenuma dojo

Jun,8 Life town dojo

Jun,8 Tokyo bayside club

Jun,10 Hiratsuka dojo

Jun,10 Fujisawa dojo

Jun,10 Fujisawa dojo

Jun,11 Life town dojo

Jun,11 Tsurumi dojo


Tokyo Branch invited Water Mattson Sensei from the United States to Tokyo Branch Shonan Shubukan HQ Dojo for the seminar for instructors above 3 Dan. Mattson Sensei instructed mainly Uechi-Ryu Kyu Kumite and Dan Kumite to 11 advanced members.


Kyu kumite(1)

Kyu kumite(2)

Dan kumite(1)

Dan kumite(2)

Sanseiryu demonstration

Group photo

Reception for Walter Mattson sensei (at dojo's 2nd floor)

Mr.Fujimoto/Tokyo branch chairman & Walter Mattson sensei


On May,27,2017 Shonan Fujisawa Dojo held cultual exchange with Walter
Matton sensei(Hanshi 10th Dan).

Welcome dinner with instructors(May,26)


Kata demonstration

Group photo

Dinner time with instructors


On May,25,2017 Tokyo Bay side Karate club held cultual exchange with Walter
Matton sensei(Hanshi 10th Dan).


Group photo

Welcome dinner


On May,21,2017 Tokyo branch held spring Dan testing & boad meeting.


Shonan Shubukan of Tokyo branch sponsored Shonan regional tournament for child members on May 13th, 2017 in Fujisawa Dojo. More than 60 children participated and showed good spirits and techniques in Kumite and Kata categories. We look forward to watching their improvement at Tokyo Metropolitan Championships in this July.


Athlete's oath of fair play

Kata tournament

Kata tournament

Kumite tournament

Commendation ceremony

Group photo


Thomas Shihan from Germany trained with Tokyo Branch students in Shonan Shubukan - Kamakura Dojo and Fujisawa Dojo on April 8th, 2017. Thomas Sensei traveled to Japan with his Aikido students and visited to us before going to Aikido training in Ibaraki.


On Jan,14 Tokyo Branch/Shonan Shubukan instructors held new year's party at HQ dojo.


On Jan,3 Tokyo Branch/Shonan Shubukan HQ dojo held special class for new

Hojyo undo



Group photo

Lunch time at HQ dojo


Tokyo Branch had an exchange training session with national team members of Ghana Karate -Do Association (5 members ) from Republic of Ghana in Shonan Shubukan Honbu Dojo on November 23, 2016. One of their main purposes of vising us was to have training experience of Uechi -ryu Karate -Do and to discuss about introduction and future development of Uechi-ryu Karate -Do in Ghana. We suggested OUKA could keep communicating with Ghana Karate -Do Association through Tokyo Branch in the meantime to provide them with necessary assistance and advice.

Hojyo Undo


Sanchin Game

Yakusoku Kumite




Group photo

Lunch meeting

Ghana member


Tokyo branch held 20th Karate tournament & special seminor on Oct.20 - 23.
From Okinawa, Tamayose sensei,Kina sensei,Takara sensei, joined & helped our event.


Karen W. Stuntz san from Uechi Ryu Butokukai Peter Pippos Karate Center, Acton, Mass, USA joined a practice in Lifetown Dojo of Tokyo Branch on September 22nd. She has been staying in Japan with her husband for 10 days and stopped in our dojo during their stay in Tokyo.

Mrs. H.K, who was a lady student of the late Kanbun Uechi at his Iejima Dojo, visited Tokyo Branch and enjoyed watching students practice in Life Town Dojo on August 28th.

Tokyo Branch gave a "Thank-you " party for the Biography translation project members on July 30. It has been almost 2 years since the biography Japanese version was published. English version is going to be ready soon for international members. Because publishing the Russian and Spanish version is also requested by the mwmbers, Tokyo Branch will continue discussing the project.

Project members from the left: Mr. Satake (Kamakura Dojo ), Shihan Fujimoto, Ms. Niikura (Zushi Dojo ), Mr. Garone (Tokyo Bayside Dojo ), Mr. Sumida (Tokyo Bayside Dojo ) and Mr. Fukuhara (Kobujutsu).
**Special thanks for the helps from US - Mr. Hannan (OUKA US ) and Mr. Melissa (Jitekijuku ).

Tokyo Branch sponsored 20th Metropolitan Karate Do Children Tournament on July 17th, 2016. More than 80 children from 8 dojos participated and all of them played exciting matches on categories of Individual Kata, Individual Kumite, Team Kata and Team Kumite in front of may audience.
Also Kata performance of Karate and Kobujutsu, demonstration of square bars breaking by arm and thigh, and demonstration of breaking boards by toe (sokusen geri) on half time show. We thank Mr. Michael White from Sacramento Dojo for his Seichin Kata demonstration.
We schedule to invite Sensei from the headquarter for the adult tournament and fall seminar in Tokyo.

Opning ceremony

Judge's meeting

Athlete's oath of fair play

Kata tournament

Kata tournament

Kata tournament

Kumite tournament

Kumite tournament

Kumite tournament

Team Kata tournament

Team Kata tournament

Team Kumite tournament

Demonstration time by black belt member

Dan Kumite by Mr.Sugimoto & Mr.Yamamoto

Kobujyutsu / Sai wepon by Mr.Sumida

Seichin Kata by Mr.Michael White from U.S

Tameshiwari by Mr.Wakatsuki
*Movie; click here

Tameshiwari by Sokusen(toe) Kick /
Cedar wood boad 8 by Mr.Fujimoto
*Movie; click here

Current & old style Seisan Kata by Ms.Hirao & Mr.Fujimoto

Ceremony of awarding an honor

Group photo

On July 14, 2016, Tokyo Bayside Karate Club members enjoyed practice with a guest from Sacramento California, Michael White. Also Sam (Jiteki Juku, USA) joined us. He had trained in Tokyo Bayside and Nakano Dojo till 6 months ago and he temporally visited Tokyo for his paper presentation in Meiji University. Abe sensei from Nakano Dojo practiced together.

Yakusoku-Kumite(The right;Mr.Michael White)

Group photo

After the special event in Okinawa on June 4th and 5th , David Sensei, Corrine san and Chantel san from Australia visited Tokyo Branch to train and exchange culture with Tokyo members.
Australia Branch and Tokyo Branch are planning the student exchange program. It will be announced soon.

Jun,8,2016 Welcome dinner in Fijisawa City

Jun,9 Life town Dojo

Jun,9 Tokyo Bayside club

Group photo

Welcome dinner

Jun,10 Sight seeing tour at Yokohama City

Lunch time at Yokohama China Town

At Kamakura Tsurugaoka Shrine

Jun,11 Chigasaki north Dojo

Chigasaki north Dojo

Chigasaki north Dojo Kumite traning

Chigasaki north Dojo group photo

Lunch time with instructors

Jun,11 Kamakura Dojo

Sanchin Kitae

Kamakura Dojo group photo with Devid sensei

Lunch time in Kamakura City

Jun,11 Fujisawa Dojo

Kids traning

Group photo with instructors

Group photo

Jun,11 Yokohama konan Dojo

Sanchin check

Kick mitt traning

Question time

Group photo

Welcome dinner party

Jun,12 Shonan lifetown Dojo(HQ of Tokyo branch)

Sanchi KItae

Yakusoku kumite

Kids traning

Kata traning

Group photo

At entrance of Dojo

BBQ party at HQ Dojo

BBQ party at HQ Dojo

BBQ party at HQ Dojo

Jun,12 at Tokyo DisneySea

Jun,12 at Tokyo DisneySea

Jun,12 at Tokyo DisneySea

Jun,13 sight seeing in Tokyo<Shibuya>

Jun,13 Meiji Jingu Shrine

Jun,14 ShonanTerrace Mall Karate school

Jun,14 Zushi Dojo

Jun,14 Dinner time with black belts of Zushi Dojo

On May 29,2016, Tokyo branch had spring Dan testing.

Hojyo undo

Jiyu Kumite

Group photo

Mr. Eytan Glassberg (Uechi-Ryu Kenyukai Israel) stopped by Tokyo Branch and shared good time with Toshi (Communication Manager) in Downtown Tokyo on May 16. They enjoyed Okinawan atmosphere in Okinawan Restaurant in Shinjuku because Mr. Glassburg has never visited Okinawa yet. We will keep fruitful exchange with Karate friends all over the world.

The left; Mr. Eytan Glassberg

On April 23rd, Shonan Shubukan Dojos of Tokyo Branch hosted Children Karate-Do Championship which could be said a preliminary encounter of Metropolitan Karate Do Championship on July. More than 70 children from Shonan district dojos ,Yokohama Tsurumi Dojo and Yokohama Konan Dojo participated in the event and showed great performance.

Lia Wohlfeiler san from Israel (a former member of Tokyo Bayside Club) stopped in Tokyo on the way to the Karate training trip to Okinawa. Tokyo Branch members re-united with her for good conversation about Karate in the world on April 11th.

<Tokyo branch new year event report>

Tokyo Branch invited President Tamayose and Chief Director Kina for New Year Special Sessions.
Both Senseis traveled 9 dojos of Tokyo Branch from January 14 to 17 to train members and give Karate and Kobujutsu Special seminars to applicants.
Such a great experience as direct instructions from Okinawa Senseis made the events very fruitful and significant for Tokyo members.

<Jan/14 Shonan terasmole Karate school>

<Jan/14 Tokyo bay side Karate club>

<Jan/15 Shonan Zushi Dojo>

<Jan/16 Shonan Kamakura Dojo>

<Jan/16 Tokyo Nakano Karate Club>

<Jan/16 Shonan Yamato Dojo/ Kobujyutsu seminor>

<Jan/16 Shonan Fujisawa Dojo/ Karate seminor>

<Jan/16 New year party at HQ Dojo>

<Jan/16 New year party at HQ Dojo>

<Jan/17 HQ Dojo>

<Jan/17 Seminor for black belt member>

<Jan/17 Seminor for black belt member>

<Jan/17 Seminor for black belt member>

<Jan/17 Seminor for black belt member>

<Jan/17 Yokohama Tsurumi Dojo>

<Jan/16 Breakfast time at HQ Dojo>

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