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1-20-12 Ginowan Ginowan City Okinawa, Japan

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<Last up date /Mar,3,2014>


On 9th / March, Okinawa head office held periodical board meeting, Kata study, welcome party for German branch members.
We will announce contents of board meeting through PR section.


●Sanchin (1)


●Sanchin (2)


●Sanchin (3)




●Group photo


●Board meeting


●Welcome party for German branch member


●With Takara Shintoku sensei


On May/6, Ishikawa dojo had a cultural exchange with the menber of Garman






●Group photo


On 9th,March, Okinawa head office plan to have Kata study and periodical board meeting.
At the board meeting, board members discuss about new assignment for board member and approval of new application of foreign dojo.
Result will be announced to Public relation sec tion through branch manager and dojo owners.


OUKA HQ held the new year party of 2014 at Ishikawa Dojo.




●Sanshin Time

A happy new year !
Shintoku Takara / Grand Master
With best wishes for a Happy New Year.
Let us get together and keep making efforts to improve ourselves and Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do.
May wish the year of 2014 a wonderful and prosperous to all of you.       
Nobumasa Ohmine /
Senior Advisor
In this new year we are greeting, I wish all of members and families good health and practice.     
Walter Mattson/
Senior Advisor
I wish to extend best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and especially a very
" Happy New Year 2014!" from myself and member dojos of the Walter Mattson USA Dojo Group to Grandmaster Takara and to all OUKA brothers and sisters throughout the world!

Kensho Kina / President
May wish you a Happy New Year.
I would like to thank for your cooperation on the meetings, seminars and promotion tests. We had many visitors and trainees from Tokyo and overseas and we could feel consistent development of the association.
We will be able to achieve a goal not by strong greed for aggressive expansion of the organisation but by pure and natural posture like water current.

Katsuji Tamayose / Chairperson, Board of Directors

I believe all of you are greeting a happy new year.
Our association has been progressing steadily and we are stepping into 4th year since the organisation has been established. Now let&apos;s seek and study more the way of Karate-Do succeeded by the Founder and the Second Generation as members in one of three major Karate Do schools in Okinawa.
Kazuya Takara / Vice Chairperson, Board of Directors
With wishes for a Happy New Year.
I hope this year will be fruitful for all of you.
Shinzaburo Okuhama / Director
I wish you a Happy new year.
I would like to thank Tokyo Branch for inviting me to the Metropolitan Karate Do Tournament last year. I will make a contribution to further development of Uechi Ryu Karate Do in 2014.
May the year of 2014 be filled with peace and good health for all of you.

Arthur Moulas/
To All Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate do members worldwide, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and safe New year.
I hope to see everyone in June 2014 in Okinawa.

Tutomu Shikiya / Executive Secretary

May the best wishes for a Happy New Year.
I would like to continue to do my best for tradition and study of Uechi Ryu Karate Do and further development of the association.
I wish all of Uechi Ryu loving members and families for great health.

Keisuke Fujimoto /
PR Manager, President of Tokyo Branch
May the best wishes for a Happy New Year and I hope the year of 2014 will be precious for all of you.
I am making the best effort to update the official website timely in order to make it an useful tool for generating and sharing information of the association, so please make an active use of the website for your information. Also please come and utilize our Tokyo Branch facility built in 2011.

Hiroko Hirao / Director, Vice-president of Tokyo Branch

With all the best wishes for a Happy New Year.
I believe we successfully made active and fruitful exchange among the headquarters, foreign branches and Tokyo branch last year. I will keep raising more power for activities of the association in this year.
I hope you will be healthy throughout the year.

Hitoshi Sumida / Communication Manager
May all the best wishes for a Happy New Year.
I so much appreciate the help, support and cooperation made not only by OUKA members but also by your family and friends. Since I would like to exert myself for healthy management of the association as best I may, please allow me to ask your continued support and encouragement in 2014.

HQ & Dojo guidance in Okinawa !
<Renewed on Dec,13th,2009>

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Ginowan Dojo

Katsuji Tamayose
<8th Dan>
1-20-12 Ginowan Ginowan City Okinawa
Itoman Dojo
Nobumasa Omine
<9th Dan>
337 Kiyan Itoman City Okianwa
Kokuba Dojo Takeo Tamaki
<9th Dan>
Naha City  
Futenma Dojo Kazuya Takara
<7th Dan>
Ginowan City  
Ishikawa Dojo

Kensho Kina
<8th Dan>
Uruma City

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